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General Instructions

The annual tuition fees listed below include none of the following:
Examination fees, special courses, books of the Ministry of Education, additional books of International Montessori’s Curriculum, uniforms, and extra-curricular activities. They are paid separately.

All parents are have to pay a 50% deposit to assure their child’s place in the upcoming academic year.

This deposit is due on March 1st ‏‏for continuing students, and on the day of acceptance for new students.

Refunding policy

The refunding policy is according to ministry of education policy. If you would like to cancel the registration in the beginning of May, there will be no refunds no matter what the reason was.

The school reserves the right to withhold the records of withdrawing students until due accounts are paid in full.

Fees for the Academic year

Nursery & Kindergarten (N1 – KG2)450 000 SP
Grades 1- 2 – 3475 000 SP
Grades 4 – 5 – 6500 000 SP
Grades 7 – 8 – 9525 000 SP
Grades 10 – 11575 000 SP
Baccalaureate650 000 SP
Registration fee for new students
50 000 SP
The placement test fee, from the first grade to the tenth grade25 000 SP
Sibling Discount:
to be deducted from the second settlement.
second settlement.
For the first brother or sister 5%
For the next brother or sister 10%

Schedule of registration fees and payments:

Reservation of a seat: 50% of the entire installment, to be paid upon receipt of payment notice.

Transportation Fees (for all grades)

Bus payments are determined by the bus company, year by year, and have no relation to the management of the school.

The responsibility of the administration is to ensure transportation to and from the school for those interested, to ensure the security and safety of students, and to supervise them throughout the academic year.