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Registration Conditions

Acceptance of a child at the International Montessori School is strictly subject to the following terms and conditions:

  • Payment of a Reservation Fee, is non-refundable.
  • Payment of a the Enrollment Fee upon receipt of a formal notice of acceptance.
  • Submission of the signed Registration Form.
  • Provision off all necessary documentation required for admission (see attached list).
  • Tuition Fees are payable in advance and include the supply of all statutory text books as mandated by government authorities.
  • All other published texts and titles, special courses, extra-curricular activities as well as examination fees are additional and payable separately.
  • Children are enrolled for the entire scholastic year, and it is an unconditional parental or guardian obligation to pay the total annual Tuition Fee. International Montessori School reserves the right to withhold all student records until any and outstanding amounts are paid in full.
  • Tuition Fees are neither refundable nor adjustable in the event of absences, illness or the removal of a child from school for any reason whatsoever including expulsion.
  • This Registration form becomes a binding contract only upon being signed and stamped by an authorized officer of the International Montessori School .