Welcome to the International Montessori School website

Dr. Maria Montessori

This site is designed to provide our visitors with the following:
• The historical background of Montessori School, with its philosophical and educational principles, objectives and goals consistent with what Dr. Maria Montessori advocated: “The fundamental right of child is self-development in an environment that provides him/her with all the means that contribute to this growth without hindrance”.
• International Montessori curricula, in terms of: objectives, content, teaching / learning methods, means, activities and assessment methods.
• Admission and registration procedures and controls to comply with the applicable system.
• Health controls that are followed to maintain the health of child and to ensure a healthy environment that contributes to the healthy development of him/her.

The website also allows visitors to contact parents directly or through e-mail in order to:

• Ask questions.
• Provide us with suggestions that contribute to the improvement of the educational process and enrich it.
• Present problems that some children may encounter in addition to suggested solutions.
• Provide useful opinions.